“MVC” stands for “Model-View-Controller”, which is a well-defined design pattern used to create, in this instance, web applications. The goal of MVC is to separate concerns across the application for better scalability, extensibility, and testability. ASP.NET MVC is simply that design pattern as implemented in Microsoft’s framework for building web applications.

If you want to get a quick and practical introduction to how ASP.NET MVC works, take a look at Scott Hanselman’s 5 minute video introduction to ASP.NET MVC.

If you want a deeper dive into the theory and concepts behind ASP.NET MVC, then you should look at Stephen Walther’s very thorough introduction to ASP.NET MVC.

Learning ASP.NET MVC

Our team of experts is bringing together the best technical content on the web to make it easier for you to find what you need. These are curated guides to ASP.NET MVC, giving you an introduction and overview of the whole technology, and recommended reading for how to get the most out of your web applications.

The structure of our guides and topics is based on the excellent book by Steven Sanderson and Adam Freeman: Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework, which we highly recommend.

Getting Started

Work through the topics laid out to the left. Each topic contains a mix of information aimed at beginners as well as developers who already know their way around the framework – you can just pick the bits you need, and then move on!


You, maybe? If you’ve ever looked for information about ASP.NET MVC, you know it can be hard to find what you need. If you’ve got some suggestions, or just like helping people learn, then this is for you! Get in touch and join us.

Get involved

We want your feedback to help us improve this resource for all web developers who want to get up to speed with ASP.NET MVC. We know we still have work to do, and we want to make sure we’re doing the best we can for the community. If you have any suggestions or questions, get in touch!

With your help, we can find the best technical explanations, no matter where they’re hidden. Our curated guide is still growing, and there are some topics we still need to cover. Chief amongst them are Security and Vulnerability, and Authentication and Authorization. If you’d like to suggest a piece of content you think we should include, or if you’d like to create your own curated guide, let us know.

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    Am looking forward to the section on the models…

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  3. Victor Woo says:

    What’s the difference of *target* between this site and ASP.NET MVC official site ?

    • Chris Massey says:

      Hi Victor!
      Do you mean the difference in goals (i.e. what the site and content are trying to acheive), or the difference in target audiences (i.e. which developers we’re trying to help)?

      • Victor Woo says:

        Hi Chris!
        I meant the difference in goals, thank you.

        • Chris Massey says:

          The goals are broadly similar – we’re both trying to get developers familiar with ASP.NET MVC as quickly as possible. The main difference is that we’re trying to help developers find great sources of already-existing content from people who have worked with the technology in production, not *just* the single source of guidance that MS provides. We’re also trying to provide broad coverage of the topics at a similar level, if that makes sense?

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    I agree that the Steven Sanderson book is excellent 🙂

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